Ian Hill access was commissioned to undertake an access audit of the facilities and service provision of DETA 2000 (Doncaster Engineering Training Association), an engineering training provider.  The aim was to enhance DETA’s accessibility provision for people with disabilities.

DETA 2000 provides apprenticeships in engineering, manufacturing and warehousing, and has now won a prestigious award from Remploy for its inclusion of people with disabilities and health conditions.  Remploy senior manager Dave Knight said “It is clear that Deta really does go the extra mile, and that it is managed by a team that is passionate about employing, retaining and developing people with disabilities alongside other colleagues in the organisation”.

Client: DETA 2000



access consultant and architect

access consultant



We provided a cost effective “walk and talk” access audit service, meeting with staff and delivering comment and guidance on the facilities and service delivery, and providing a synopsis access audit report describing how most effectively to become more inclusive in delivering their business and to benefit from the commercial rewards.