access consultant and architect

access consultant

Riverhead Theatre, Louth


Funded by Arts Council England, the project remodelled and extended an existing building and delivered a highly accessible theatre, both for the audience and for the actors and staff; for instance, 95% of the front and back of house is wheelchair accessible.  The result is one of the most inclusively designed theatre facilities outside London.  Ian Hill access undertook scheme appraisal, public and user group consultation and report production, worked with the architect, theatre and public focus groups, local disability and access groups and the Local Authority Access Officer to ensure maximum accessibility.  Reported to the Project and to Arts Council England.



User Client: Louth Playgoers

Client: Architect Marsh Grochowski

Project value: £2.5 million.

Undertaken whilst employed by Architects Stephen George and Partners LLP

Design and images by Marsh Grochowski