Internationally acclaimed artist Anish Kapoor delivered his largest external piece at the time, and one of the first of his Sky Mirrors - a six metre diameter polished stainless steel dish sitting on a black granite plinth over continuously running water.  Kapoor worked with award winning architect Marsh Grochowski and the rest of the project team.

Ian Hill access provided advice to the artist, the architect and the rest of the project team, enabling accessible features and solutions without compromising the artistic vision and implementation.  Services included scheme appraisal, public and user group access consultation, Local Authority Access Officer liaison and accessible design advice.  Accessible features include warning tactile paving at the water’s edge, braille description and on the side wall a scarab representation of the dish, handrails to the ramp and way finding lighting and tactile paving to the linear seating and ramp.

Funded by Arts Council England, the project delivered a world standard piece of public art in a remodelled external public square.

access consultant and architect

access consultant

Sky Mirror


Client: Architect Marsh Grochowski

User Client: Nottingham Playhouse

Artist: Anish Kapoor

Wikipedia article here.

Project value: £2 million.

Design and images by Marsh Grochowski

Undertaken whilst employed by Architects Stephen George and Partners LLP

tactile paving warning

of water feature

side lighting highlighting gradient

maquette representation for the benefit of people with a visual impairment