Thorne Moorends Town Council is responsible for the cemetery in Thorne.  Ian Hill Access was appointed by Jeremy Sherlock (Clerk, Thorne Moorends Town Council) to undertake an Access Audit of the Cemetery ans to deliver a report identifying barriers to access and making recommendations for actions.

In support of these recommendations we also recommended the development of Policies, Procedures and Practices and the establishment of an Access Management Group to assist with the implementation of these and improvements to access.


access consultant and architect

access consultant

Thorne Cemetery


Specific concerns relating to access and particularly the gradients and the entrances and the use by vehicles and pedestrians were identified and the Audit and Report identified these issues and other aspects relating to improving access.

We looked at the approach to the Cemetery, including provision of a Drop-off area, accessible parking bays, access through the gates, access to and use of the Chapel.  We also included commentary on access to the grave plots and the access ways and paths to these areas together with the need for other improvements such as provision of ancillary aids, intellectual access and provision of Disability Awareness Training for staff.

Client: Thorne Moorends Town Council